Screen shots from Video ‘Survivor’

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Oil on canvas, vinyl banner, movie

painting H 300 × W 400 cm

banner H 1000 × 580 cm


Installation view: Aichi Triennale2019: Taming Y/Our Passion

Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi




Appearing in this installation, which combines a large two-dimensional work and several objects including a fan light onto the spinning propellers of which images are projected, are all kinds of animals such as orangutans – a species that presently faces extinction – as well as Komodo dragons and Leptoptilos robustus birds that once lived in Indonesia. In addition to these, there are depictions of people with guns, coconut bombs, and sceneries of things going up in flames.

 The artist focuses in her work on the repeated extinction of species through invasive foreign species – in Indonesia and elsewhere – in the course of history, and on destruction caused by such artificial factors as human aggressive warfare.For her artworks she first creates rough images on her computer using image editing software and 3-D design CAD software, and subsequently expands the resulting data into multiple formats including oil painting and video. The structure of this installation itself consists of multiple layers, as the piece is designed to be looked down on also from the second floor, after leaving the actual exhibition space.

In Southeast Asia, forest devastation through global companies is today a major social problem. Chances are that the detergents and soap containing vegetable oil that we are using in daily life are not totally unrelated to the issue of palm oil and the destruction of the jungle in order to make it.