Artificial green by nature green
(collaboration work with Bagus Pandega)

Canvas, modular synthesizer, palm oil tree, led panel, led fan light
Installation view: ArtJog MMXIX ART IN COMMON
Jogjya national museum of art

Bagus Pandega and Kei Imazu’s collaborative work is an attempt to present a phenomenon of the global climate change. In their research, they have found that one of the factors of the current climate change is deforestation and mass logging in Indonesia. The data mentions that Sumatra and Kalimantan forests are among the 11 regions of the world that contribute to more than 80% of global deforestation until 2030. On a large scale, deforestation threatens the lives of thousands of species, potentially cause erosion and floods, reduce water quality, and destabilize the global climate.

During the period of 2011-2016, researchers found that the national palm oil industry resulted in the deforestation of 2.08 million hectares or 23% of the national forest destruction. While also taking place in Sumatra and Papua, this kind of deforestation is found most frequently in Kalimantan.

Pandega and Imazu s installation is equipped with a painting instrument of which movement and operation are triggered by the condition of palm tree presented in the exhibition room.

A modular electronic device reads the organic electric current in the plants and processes it into a signal that regulates the movement of the machine. Additionally, a video displays a factual phenomenon surrounding Indonesian forest, and orangutan have lost their natural habitat.